Harness the power of the sun to give yourself a hot shower anywhere you go! Designed with an efficient 4-layer construction for optimal heat retention and performance, the Summer Showers™ all feature an easy to use fill valve and easy on-off shower head. The Summer Shower™ solar showers come in many different sizes and each have unique features to fit your needs. Whether it’s in camp, at the end of a long trail, or on the deck of your boat, a hot shower is a pleasure to have!


Premium quality.
Wide handle grip for comfortable transport.
EXTRA large filling valve with convenient twist off cap.
Easy to use ON/OFF shower head saves water.
Reflective mirror on 3 gallon and 5 gallons
Pockets for soap and shampoo on 3 and 5 gallons
Velcro straps holds wash cloth, soap, etc.
Simply roll up after use for easy storage.
Durable 4-layer construction.
Water temperature gauge on 3 and 5 gallon models

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2.5 Gallons Model SS760

3 Gallons Model SS761

5 Gallons Model SS762

5 Gallons Model SS762F

10 Gallons Model SS763

Summer Shower Enclosure
Model SS772

Water Carrier/Sink
Model SS770