Lindsey Erickson, Yoga SUP’er

Lindsey Erickson, Yoga SUP’er
Location: Bloomington, MN

  • Models paddled: Lotus YSUP.
  • Water that she paddles: Lakes.
  • What she uses her SUP for: SUP Yoga and SUP Yoga Instruction.
Lindsey is a Special Education teacher as well as a yoga instructor, including teaching paddleboard yoga. She is from Minnesota and loves getting out on her paddleboard to do yoga as well as explore. Her favorite local place to bring her paddleboard to is Lebanon Hills Regional Park, but new adventures in new places with friends both new and old always bring her excitement and joy. During the off season, Lindsey can be found doing lots of yoga both in the studio and on her paddleboard in indoor pools. During this time she also likes getting outside to snowboard and cross-country ski. Lindsey loves the outdoors and nature and hopes that she can encourage others to get outside and play. She can be contacted via Facebook at Yoga Lindsey as well as via Instagram: @maestralindsey.

Favorite AE Story:
I love going to Lebanon Hills Regional Park. There is a lake there that is covered in lily pads and rarely frequented by anyone else. It becomes my secluded oasis…a place for paddling, yoga, meditation, rest and even reading all while on my paddleboard surrounded by nature’s beauty of both plants and animals. It is my way of recharging my batteries so I can be my best self and can in turn help others.

During a paddleboard yoga class, I noticed one of my students attempting a headstand on his paddleboard, but try as he might; he just wasn’t able to get it. I went over and held his board, while encouraging him because I knew he could get the pose. I gave him some verbal cueing and, after multiple attempts, he successfully stuck the handstand on his paddleboard! His smile was awesome after that and it made my day! I love seeing others be successful in yoga poses on the paddleboard that they work so hard to achieve or sometimes don’t even think is possible.