Rick Page & Jasna Tuta, So. Pacific Sailors

Rick Page & Jasna Tuta, So. Pacific Sailors
Location: SV Calypso

  • Models paddled: AdvancedFrame Convertible.
  • Water that they paddle: Coastal/Ocean, Bays and Estuaries.
  • What they use their yak for: Yacht Tender and Island Exploration.
From the UK, Rick learned to sail in 2007 by taking various courses, culminating in the fast track RYA Yachtmaster course. Jasna is from Slovenia and has been sailing all her life and is a registered sailing instructor with the Italian Federation.

Rick and Jasna met on a boat six years ago and have been sailing together ever since. They have just crossed the Pacific from Mexico to Tahiti via their yacht Calypso, and have used their AE Kayak in all situations – often to go ashore in surf conditions that were too strong for yachts with the traditional dinghy and outboard combination.

Favorite AE Story:
Recently we have been the subject of the TV series ‘New Lives in the Wild’ which is presented by British adventurer Ben Fogle. On the first day of filming, I was supposed to paddle ashore to the wharf in Nuku Hiva (in the Marquesas) and pick up Mr Fogle in our AE kayak. When I arrived, the fishing boats had already come in and were throwing so many fishy off –cuts into the water that about 20 sharks had been whipped up into a feeding frenzy. I didn`t understand what was happening at first as I had taken my glasses off to look better on the telly (I always said vanity was dangerous!). I ended up right in the middle of them before I really knew what was going on. Fortunately, the sharks seemed rather nervous of the AE kayak (which I suppose looks like another shark from below) and parted like the Red Sea to let me pass. I am not sure if the camera picked this up, but we will see when the documentary is broadcast.

Since then, I have paddled through many feeding sharks in the Kayak without a problem. They always let me pass, but I would not advise this generally as it is a little nerve wracking.