Ruebin Sandberg, Kayak Angler

Ruebin Sandberg, Kayak Angler
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Models paddled: StraitEdge Angler.
  • Water that he paddles: Ocean, Lakes, Slow Moving Rivers, Bays, Marsh, Swamps.
  • What he uses his kayak for: Fishing, Hunting, Multi-day Expeditions, Adventure Travel.
Raised in the outdoors of Louisiana and Mexico, Ruebin grew an obsession for fishing, hunting and foraging. Growing up around eating what you catch or forage, he was inspired to, and became, a professional chef in his home town. On his days off he kayak fishes, hunts, and does his photography. Whenever he gets a chance, he’s out on his greatest adventures; multi-day fishing and hunting expeditions either on kayak or hiking.

Favorite AE Story:
My friends and I grabbed our kayaks for a fishing and hunting expedition and had a week going down the famous Atchafalaya River. Everyone told us that we were crazy for going down the Atchafalaya, especially me with my AE Straitedge Angler, because of the rapid water change and the fact that it was the season when all alligators were aggressive.

We had a nice start. We had all our equipment for fishing, along with our bows, my air pump just in case, and whatever stuff you need to survive. The number one thing of all was bug repellent. The days were beautiful with clear skies and cool air. Huge barges would pass us by, we’d see people’s beautiful hunting camps, we caught fish all during the day, and talked to people that literally lived off the river in house boats with flat bottom boats for vehicles. Everyone we ran into literally had no hope for me because of my AE inflatable. When night came everything changed. The mosquitoes would come in a swarm sounding like a NASCAR race through the night. Even the strongest repellent we had was a joke, the air would turn hot and humid, the critters would make the loudest noises. We all brought hammocks and the mosquitoes would get to us easily. I’m so grateful I had my inflatable because the StraitEdge was not only a fishing kayak, it became my inflatable bed as well just by removing the seat.

As the days went by, we lived off the river and land around us. My buddies would once in a while flip in their kayaks and lose equipment but my StraitEdge Angler was such a comfortable and steady kayak that it felt almost impossible to flip which was especially reassuring while carrying expensive camera equipment. We hit shallow areas with stumps and sharp branches and I never once had a problem with a puncture, not even a mark on the kayak. I brought alligator gars onto it as well, with their sharp scales and teeth, and not a scratch to my kayak. We ran into alligators, even accidently hooking some while fishing, but none seemed to care we were there. I still wouldn’t want to see if one attacked any of our boats.

We finally got to our pick up zone and I emptied my AE and simply deflated it. Everyone was impressed by how in great of shape my AE was in after all the rough usage. I myself am impressed after every time I do a trip on my StraitEdge Angler. Every time someone asks me how my kayak is in Louisiana waters I always tell them about my trip with my friends. A fisherman always has stories to tell!