Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories.
Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories

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Ryan Bonneau & Brock Munson, The Fly Fishermen

Amabassadors Ryan and Brock fishing Patagonia

Location: Telluride, CO & Haiku, HI


  • Models paddled: AdvancedFrame Kayak.
  • Water that they paddle: Mountain and desert lakes/rivers, inshore ocean bays and estuaries.
  • What they use their yaks for: Fly Fishing Adventure Travel (film, photography, and writing).

Ryan Bonneau: Ryan has had the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado to call his backyard for the last 16 years and it’s in their jagged peaks and meadows where he is most at home. Growing up in rural Vermont, Ryan developed a deep love for wild places at a very early age. While living in Telluride, CO his photography turned into an obsession and then a career. Even though adventure traveling and exploration of the wildest corners of the earth has dominated most of his adult life, Ryan still treasures each day spent in the mountains and rivers around Telluride.

Brock Munson: Ever the nomad, Brock just can’t seem to sit still. He grew up spending his childhood days on the beaches of San Clemente in sunny Southern California. As an adult he has covered just about every nook and cranny of the Southwestern US as well as the Pacific Northwest. From oceans to mountains his love for wild places has taken him to a myriad of environments. A jack of all trades, Brock’s extensive list of careers includes Alaska expedition leader, Hawaii boat captain and Colorado science instructor. His current graphic design career may seem low key but it allows him the great benefit of traveling with his work while fulfilling dreams of adventure. His home base is Maui, Hawaii where the warm, salt air and laid back lifestyle beckons him back time and again after adventures abroad.

Ryan’s photography has been featured in National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Sierra Club, Backpacker, Kayak Fish Magazine, the Arizona Tourism Department and a variety of other publications. Ryan’s and Brock’s fly fishing adventures were finally manifested recently in an online hub called Chasing Scale where they document their trips with creative essays and short films. They also share travel tips and offer unique merchandise designs. Their adventures would not be possible without their Advanced Elements kayaks. The inflatables truly are integral components that help to foster their exploration. After all, the water exploration is what fuels their spirit. They much prefer to zigzag their way to feisty fish instead of taking the easy path. Keep tabs on their adventures through their Instagram account @chasingscale

They just recently returned from an epic Patagonian trip that they have been dreaming of for years. Checkout the chronicles of their trip here: Chasing Scale-Patagonia

Favorite AE Story…so far:
On the last day of a week-long adventure on a remote coastline in Mexico a storm system came in from the north. This was the worst case scenario for us at that moment. We had been poking around deep in the backcountry lagunas of northern Cozumel fly fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and snook. These fish hadn’t seen many humans. The weather had been spotty at best. And, on this last day it hit hard. We decided to make our exit anyway. The thought of missing our flights outweighed the danger of paddling in the storm. It was a very long tough day and as we neared our take-out we noticed a coupled local fisherman frantically waving, pointing, and screaming at us. With the intense wind we couldn’t make out what they were saying. We finally heard the faint chant of “Gringo Loco. Gringo Loco”. They could not believe we paddled in from the storm from an area that few foreigners have been. It was a fitting end to a great adventure and a testament to how the Advanced Elements Kayaks help to open up a new world for our fly fishing exploration.


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