The Evolution of Inflatable Kayaks

Tsunami Rangers, Extreme Sea Kayakers

Location: Northern California & Pacific Northwest Coast


  • Models paddled: AdvancedFrame Convertible, AdvancedFrame Expedition, StraitEdge Kayak, AirFusion Elite, Fishbone SUP, and the Lotus YSUP.
  • Water that they paddle: Coastal/Ocean.
  • What they use their yaks for: Travel to remote destinations for extreme sea kayaking and paddling.

The Tsunami Rangers are an ‘extreme condition’ sea kayaking team based in Northern California. They have been featured in numerous books, magazine articles, and television productions, including National Geographic, ESPN’s Expedition Earth (circumnavigating Easter Island by kayak), and Discovery Channel adventure specials. The Rangers have also produced their own action-packed paddling adventure videos, and literally wrote the book on extreme sea kayaking.

Tsunami Ranger Commander Michael Powers, the face of the Tsunami Rangers AE Ambassador Team, is a photojournalist and filmmaker whose efforts for the past 20 years have been directed increasingly towards sea kayaking expeditions around the world with a larger purpose. In 2005 Michael co-founded Ocean Studio, an alliance of adventure photographers, writers and filmmakers, working together to nurture a deeper understanding and empathy for the natural world.

His stories and photographs have been published in Sea Kayaker, Paddler, Canoe & Kayak, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure and other major outdoor adventure publications. He and fellow Tsunami Ranger Eric Soares co-authored the book, EXTREME SEA KAYAKING, published by McGraw-Hill. More recently he published the coffee table format book WILD IN SPIRIT, featuring his kayaking & mountain climbing adventures around the world.

Michael is currently planning sea kayaking expeditions to Costa Rica and Cuba and will be capitalizing on the portability and performance of our AdvancedFrame kayaks for his expeditions.

You can learn more about the Tsunami Rangers at

You can learn more about Michael Powers and his publications at and Ocean Studio at


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