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THE EVOLUTION OF INFLATABLE KAYAKS™ Beginning 20 years ago with the introduction of the world’s first truly Hybrid Inflatable Kayak, the AdvancedFrame®; we have developed and patented multiple designs that have evolved the way that inflatable kayaks and SUP’s perform on the water. We see inflatable kayak and SUP design as a craft and we pride ourselves in our consistent innovation, refinement, and evolution of our well thought-out designs. Our line of kayaks and paddleboards feature many innovations that deliver the best in durability, portability, and performance.
CUTS THROUGH THE WATER LIKE A KNIFE... Aluminum Rib Frame DetailOur AdvancedFrame® and StraitEdge™ line of kayaks incorporate our proven Aluminum Rib Frame Technology in the bow and stern. This provides increased paddling and tracking performance unlike any other inflatable kayak. The bow slices through the water, while the stern acts like a skeg, providing trackability that rivals hard-shell kayaks.
For those seeking even higher performance in our AdvancedFrame® line, we offer our Patented BackBone® accessory or rigid high-pressure floors that utilize Drop-Stitch technology. Click here to learn more about our BackBone® and Drop-Stitch Floors.Drop-stitch Detail

Drop-stitch Floor Detail
TALK ABOUT TOUGH... Advanced Elements kayaks are built using multi-layer construction, to deliver unsurpassed durability, and multiple air chambers for optimum safety and rigidity. Our unique designs, combined with the best materials, offer high performance in a portable package.
PVC Tarpaulin Hull Material PVC Tarpaulin DetailOur PVC Tarpaulin Hull Material features a Polyester fabric sandwiched by layers of vinyl which creates a durable and strong outer cover.
Multi-layer Construction Multi-layer DetailUnlike many inflatable kayaks, in which the side wall of the main chamber is in-fact the inflation chamber itself, our kayaks are developed with multiple layers of material for maximum durability. The main inflation chambers are encased in their own outer tube cover and, in many of our models, the encased inflation chambers are then protected by the outer shell of the kayak body offering the best in protection against the elements.
Multiple Air Chambers Air Chamber DetailOur unique air chamber design provides optimum safety while out on the water. We divide the main inflation chamber into two separate air chambers that encompass the entire kayak so that, if one chamber were to become compromised, the kayak has a second chamber fully encompassing the boat.
EASY TO USE... All of our kayaks come from our factory pre-assembled and use our proprietary Spring Valve™ and Twistlok™ Valve for fast and easy inflation. Simply unfold, inflate, and hit the water! Advanced Elements Innovations

Spearheading the evolution of inflatable SUP’s, Advanced Elements has developed a unique line of Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards to meet a variety of stand-up paddler’s needs. Creating such innovative designs as the Fishbone™ SUP, which has a patented displacement hull design; each SUP in the line has many distinctive features and uses.Whether you are practicing yoga on the Lotus YSUP™, traveling the world with your family on the Hula™ 11 and 8 SUP's, or racing to the finish line on the Fishbone™, you will appreciate the portability and durability of our SUP's.

Utilizing Drop-stitch technology and multi-layer material construction, for the best in rigidity and durability, we have also created such innovative designs as the Fishbone™ SUP which has a patented displacement hulldesign that provides optimal speed and tracking performance.
SUP Drop-stitch DetailDisplacement Hull Closeup

Patented Displacement Hull Design
Our patented Displacement Hull Design utilizes an injection molded nose cap to push water aside and cut through the water with very little effort. This allows the Fishbone™ EX to track more smoothly and effortlessly through the water. Displacement Hull Design