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by Ozinflatablekayaks
Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:45 am
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Topic: Advanced Elements Australia
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Advanced Elements Australia

If you are in Australia and wondering where you can get an Advanced Elements inflatable kayak or inflatable stand up paddle board, check out for a list of stores.

Cheers, Emily.
by Ozinflatablekayaks
Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:35 am
Forum: Updates for Products
Topic: Can AE come up with...?
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AE Convertible is pretty good on its own!

Interesting all the comments about the backbone, I use the AE Convertible quite often without the backbone as I can't be bothered with the set up. It paddles just fine on its own.
Cheers, Emily.
by Ozinflatablekayaks
Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:19 am
Forum: Compare Models
Topic: why inflatable?
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I have had many customers that have bought an inflatable kayak because they are traveling around the country in their caravan / RV / motorhome, and space is a valuable commodity. They could get a hard shell and put it on the roof of their vehicle, but then they have to worry about them getting stole...
by Ozinflatablekayaks
Fri May 04, 2012 7:16 pm
Forum: Advanced Frame and Advanced Frame Sport
Topic: At 6'1" talk, will I fit in the AdvancedFrame?
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Length of leg space for Advanced Frame vs AF Expedition

Can anybody tell me the length of the leg area for both the Advanced Frame and the Advanced Frame Expedition?
So if the seat was all the way back, what is the distance from the seat back to the inner tube near the feet?