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personal beacon

Post by PJohanson » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:42 pm

A personal beacon is a useful piece of gear to carry, not only when kayak camping but on everyday day trips and short outings.
The one I use is a SPOT, because it can be used to send three kinds of pre-written messages with my location : OK messages, a request to friends to come get me, or a call to 911/Search and Rescue. My spouse carries a two-way radio, but I've lost a lot of my hearing so the SPOT is a better choice.
My SPOT ( works well with my AE kayaks! I can clip it to the buckle at the front of the kayak, but prefer to keep it clipped to my life jacket. Both lifejacket and SPOT go into the bag for whichever model of AE kayak I'm using that day.

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