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Loaning your AE kayak to inflatable doubters

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:21 pm
by kiltie_celt
Well, today I went back out to the Aurora Paddlefest and loaned my kayak to a couple guys who wanted to take a spin and see how it handles. Both guys liked it and although one guy I think hit a little too much on the limitations of the boat - namely the width and how high it sits. He felt it was very slow and thought it'd catch the wind far too much, but he did like that you could really heel it over and cut sharper turns just like a hardshell. The other guy really liked how it handled and though he too thought it was slow he was amazed at how comfortable it is. I talked at length with the guys from erehwon outfitters about the AE kayaks in general from what I know. I also mentioned this website as a valuable resource for them to point out to customers. One guy said I sounded like I should be an AE rep myself the way I was talking up the product and the customer service. Hey, Jeremy - need any reps here in the Midwest? I'll go sell the product anywhere - just give me an AirFusion to play with :wink: