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AE1040 in Storm

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:00 pm
by dlkayaker
There were 12 Chinese people with 11 kayaks decided to paddle across the Qiongzhou Channel (12 miles wide)at 03-10-2010. there were 4 AE1040 and 7 other brands hard-shelled kayaks, when they were just paddling 4miles away from the shore. heavy storm arrived and they decided to go back to where they started, the wave was 10 fts high and the wind was strong , 1 hard shelled kayak was damaged by big wave, after 3hours struggle with wind and wave , they called China Coast Rescue Team(same function as US Coast Guard) for help, they are all OK now and phoned me that thanks for the CCRT and AE1040, they survived, they asked me to pass their special thanks to AE and the designer of AE1040.