Almost the ocean

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Almost the ocean

Post by feldmarshal1 » Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:22 pm

Took my expedition on the bayside of Navarre beach (between fort Walton beach and pensacola beach) and it worked really great. had to use it in salt water, sort of an expedition baptism for the future. When the water is calm it worked out great. Later in the afternoon the wind picked up to 20 to 30 mph, flags were standing straight out. The boat tracked great into the wind and handled super in swells of up to 4 feet and some 10 between troughs. No swamping in a head or tail wind either. had two waves swamp a little both from the side though.
When running with such a strong wind though the boat wants to turn into the wind, hard, and I had to literally canoe paddle on one side for miles. They say thats good though as you don't want a boat that turns with the wind.
I'm now convinved it'l do it's job on the ocean in high swells like the gulf has. navarre beach has some 6-10 swells with a good 30 ft between troughs that I'll be trying out in two weeks time. Will add a spray skirt by then.
Otherwise all the modifications I've added have worked great. The extra tie downs on front and back really let me keep my gear close for use - knife, compass, water, food all within reach. I also carried 3 gallons of water in dromarery bags lashed to the rear deck on the new tie downs. Plus a bag full of stuff under the rear deck, just in case and none of it affected the boats' stability. All in all - happy paddler.

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