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"Water Trails in Northern California"

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:57 am
Posted by Advanced Elements:

A complete Water Trail system in Northern California has been developed by Holly Harris, community volunteer, working in partnership with Lake County and others. Please see the National Park Service recognition below. Please also click the link below to see the series of "paddle guides" that were developed nearly single-handedly by Holly. Water trails are recreational waterways on a lake, river or ocean between specific locations, containing access points and day-use and/or camping sites for the boating public. Water trails emphasize low-impact use and promote stewardship of the resources, while providing healthy, outdoor activity.

The Konocti Regional Trails (KRT) group has created a series of seven draft Water Trail maps on Clear Lake.

Here is the link to the National Parks Press Release: ... mB1FnEw%3D

Here is the link for the Paddle Guides: