How to tell what Kayak Model you have.

Listed is how to identify your kayak model and what year it was made. Also get the link to the FAQ's

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How to tell what Kayak Model you have.

Post by JCOOLEY » Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:38 pm

Each kayak has a number on it that identifies it. This is called the Hull ID Number. The Hull Id # is located on the kayak and begins with XZE. The Eighth digit is the one that will tell us what model it is. It will look something like this....XZE0186AA202. The first "A" is the eighth digit. It should be this way with all of the kayaks unless you bought a sample model or any other non-production model. Here is the list.........

S - Sharper Image kayak
A - Airframe/Advanced Frame
B - Dragonfly1
C - Adventure Kayak
D - Dragonfly2
E - Advanced Frame 2
F - Strait Edge
G - Advanced Frame Convertible
H - Strait Edge Canoe Red (tarpauline)(Europe Only)
J - Strait Edge Canoe Green or Red (Fabric)
K - Advanced Frame Ultralite
L - Advanced Frame Expedition
M- Strait Edge 2
N - Firefly
P - MayFly 2 (Japan Only)
Q - Firefly 2 (Japan Only)
R - Advanced Frame Expedition 2 (Europe Only)
T - Strait Edge Canoe 14ft. (Europe Only)
U - Dragonfly 1 XC
V - Dragonfly 2 XC
Y - Lagoon 1
X - Lagoon 2