Lagoon for 6'1" 145lb. recreational (smooth rivers lak

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Lagoon for 6'1" 145lb. recreational (smooth rivers lak

Post by RiverRat » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:23 am

I was decided on the AF Sport, but the Lagoon might be easier for me to buy sooner (and get more of this warm weather to enjoy!)

From what I've read already here, the Lagoon should fit me fine (6'1" 145lb.) and should track O.K. Not as smooth or fast as the AF Sport, but it will still track.

I'm looking to take a kayak out on a whim, inflate it easily, and cruise around smooth rivers and lakes, and maybe the ocean bay-side. The roomy open cockpit of the Lagoon is favorable (seems wider than the Sport also.)
It would be nice to be able to cruise, rather than having to paddle constantly to keep forward motion.
Also, when in a smooth river (Delaware, by New Hope PA, upstream from the bridge) I'd like to not have to struggle too-much to go upstream.

Will the Lagoon cut the water enough for cruising and going against the stream?

I'm considering the Firefly also.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:17 pm

For what you intend to do, the Sport would be more ideal. The Lagoon has some wag to it and the firefly even more so. Being that you are 6'1", you will have to paddle with your knees bent in the Lagoon and Firefly. You will have much more room in the Sport. The inside width is about the same in alll three models.
The Sport has the ALuminum ribs which will help cut through water better. The Lagoon and Firefly have plastic forms that help as well but not as advanced as the SPort. The Lagoon will do the trick but you may be happier overall withthe Sport.

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