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Just a thought here.

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:54 pm
by mrcorvett
My brother and I have had our AE1012's out four times so far. Stability. dependability, and sea worthiness have been unmatched. We're novices but have tackeled waters with white caps and strong head winds. The yaks' have performed well beyond our expectations. The structural make up of these yaks' is unsurpased. We want to tackle the rivers here but are experiencing a drought season so far, so hit the lakes hard. I've no insight here for suggestions or improvement on the Advance Frame design, but am leaning toward the addition of a backbone......undecided as of yet, I'll give it this season to decide if I go the extra expense. I've gained much confidence in the stability of the Advance Frame in as such as I swim like a rock. It hasn't even come close to flipping me out really stable platform. Only complaint I have is the seat is very sitting on a board! Alas, we head out tomorrow to conquer two more lakes....the rivers are too shallow with rocks and other obsticales. Happy paddling!!!!!