Slight list in the hull

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Slight list in the hull

Post by boatman » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:06 am

Got the Sport model without drop stitch floor last Spring and used it over 20 times during the summer. I was pleased with the speed but it always had a slight list to the right, i.e., the port side, mostly in the bow, was a bit higher than starboard. I messed around with the inflation tubes thinking they were not properly seated inside the outer hull, but could never get the boat level. I also experimented with varying inflation pressures.
It has a minor effect on paddling in that the boat wants to turn to starboard so I have to apply a stronger stroke on that side to correct. This is one problem of buying online -no one to take it to to show them the problem. My guess is that it is fixable by someone with the know how.

edit: just read the post "Lopsided" inflation: what am I doing wrong? So I will take photos and submit.

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Re: Slight list in the hull

Post by Mbriley » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:52 am

Advanced Elements is happy to help resolve any alignment issues you're having. Please our contact customer service department at for assistance.

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Re: Slight list in the hull

Post by JCOOLEY » Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:08 pm

There could be a few different causes.
Check the position of the floor and make sure it is centered and not pushing up one side compared to the other.
Also, check to make sure the floor is in the correct way(believe me, many put it in upside down or backwards).
The inflation tube on the floor should be on the top and should be on the right side.
We have also had people paddle that model backwards. Make sure that the main inflation valve is behind you.
The small fin underneath can get bent to one side when packed up. If it is, let it sit out in the sun with the fin exposed or use a blow dryer to warm it up. It will become pliable and you can bend it back straight.
Lastly, check to make sure the aluminum ribs are firmly placed in the bow and stern of the kayak. If they have slipped from the pocket that holds them in place or from the area they slide into, that can affect the direction of the kayak.
After you have checked these, you can pull the kayak completely apart and inspect it. You can inflate the tube both by itself and in its tube cover while outside of the outer shell to see if there are any variances in the tube shape.

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