Experiences and tips

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Experiences and tips

Post by Novak » Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:44 pm

Hello All,

I just wanted to make a post about user experiences and a place where everyone can share their stores or comments and tips and tricks. I am new to Kayaking and just purchased my AF which I have taken out twice now and love it.

I would love to hear from all of you some of your experiences, stories, good times and helpful tips or tricks that you've done since you've had your AF. Have you found or done anything that has really helped make your AF better?

A basic tip but something that has helped for me is to paddle with no shoes or sandals and just strap them to the deck and I also strap my fishing pole (it is only 4'6) to the front deck bungee's. as well and works great.

Any idea's you guys would like to share and help everyone else out are appreciated and welcomed and can be as simple as how to make the deck bungee's tighter to how to roll up your Kayak better or anything.

A few more tips that I've found: I am 6'1 and 180lbs and the AdvancedFrame is a bit tight but if you move the seat all the way back and roll of the floor a bit it gives you ample leg room and is fine for me at least but if you want roominess, all the reviews say to go with the bigger expedition. Another tip is your choice of PFD (Life jacket). I purchased a Type III life jacket from Basspro and it has worked well but the back bulges a bit so you may want to try out different types before settling on one.

I look forward to reading from the rest of you your stories and experience and tips for all members on the forum here and see you guys out on the water!


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