New to the Forum - Havent purchased yet

AE1007-R(2005-Present), AE1004-R(2002-2004)

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New to the Forum - Havent purchased yet

Post by Goofyguy » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:03 am

So I am very interested in the AE kayaks, inflatable is the best route for us due to storage and transport.
Is there a big difference in the AE Convertible DS VS. the AE Advanced Frame Convertible?
The DS is Model # AE1007DS. I see it has what some are referring to an upgraded floor as in the DS. Some are saying the backbone is a better way to go for tracking. Some posts I read state do not use the BB and DS together as it puts undue stress on the hull.

We are new to kayaking and want to make an informed purchase rather than what we perceive to be a good deal.
Both are very clean (looking) hardly used. Local in Montana.
The DS comes with the 2 decks, single and tandem, paddles, and skirts.
Same price for both - The AE 1007-R is just the kayak and pump.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:08 am


I am assuming you are referring to the kayak packages sold by
The main difference is the DS series is made specifically for AirKayaks.
It comes with the dropstitch floor and only comes in the color blue. It has AirKayaks brand on the kayak
The regular Convertible can be purchased in the traditional Red/Orange or limited Green. These are available through AirKayaks as well as all other retailers that carry our product. AirKayaks offer package deals whereas other retailers may not.
The DropStitched floor helps stiffen up the bottom of the kayak and improves the overall chine of the boat.
The Backbone improves the tracking by creating a V-shape to the hull of the kayak.
The Floor is more expensive than the Backbone.
Do not use both together as it causes undue stress on the hull of the kayak. It will stretch out the material causing it to weaken.

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