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Anyone got a AF, exp or convertible in North Cumbria, UK?

Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 11:26 am
by gangrel
Hello, I've posted on here before asking advice about the AF convertible and I got some very helpful replies (thanks all). I'm on the point of making a decision - probably a convertible but maybe a nautiraid GR11 500, although they are well over twice the price so I'm a bit reluctant to shell out the extra if the convertible will be as good. Trouble is there are no local stockists who carry the convertible (or AF or AF exp) - the only local store (Pooley Bridge, Ullswater) only has some of the less expensive models which dont meet my needs. Thats not an issue in itself, I would like to order one from Vortex in N Wales if I go ahead due to help and advice they have already kindly provided but I would like to see one in the flesh before I send of my money - so I'm asking if there is anyone out there on this forum based in North Cumbria or SW Scotland who has one of these boats who would be prepared for me to come and have a look at it? It doesn't specifically have to be a convertible, an AF, AF expedition or double would be fine, I'd just like to have a proper look at the construction and materials etc. I hope someone out there can help but I appreciate its a big internet and the chances of someone being local to me are pretty slim! Thanks anyway.