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Impression after the first paddle.

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:53 pm
by samba7
I have paddled different boats mainly sit on top and rigid. I live in San Diego and yesterday evening (Sunday night) went out to try the vessel (AdvanceFrame Convertible) for the first time it was about 7 pm the wind had picked up and there were small waves from this wind. I took out the boat zipped on the single cover, I have the backbone but I did not use it since it takes a bit of time to put on and it was late. I pulled the boat into the water and it was easy to notice that it's not your every day kayak.
It looks very impressive. I slipped into the cockpit to realize that it's very comfortable. I am a very detailed oriented person so I look for the perfect situation and well here it goes ( it would be nice to have seats that can be secured from the bottom also maybe with Velcro flaps) But again this is probably not essential. It would be nice for the foot brace as well. As I started to paddle you quickly realize this thing is moving fast. It's very responsive and tracks like an arrow ( thank the guys at Advance Elements!!)
Wonder what this thing would do with a rudder? The AF Convertible is lots of fun and will be fun in the future but I think I will now get a smaller kayak also for quick trips like the AF 10.5 or the Expedition.