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AE Kayaks:(Car corrosion prevention)Portable Pressure Washer

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 9:02 pm
by Alex
AE Kayaks : (Car corrosion prevention) Portable Pressure Washer Alternative

This serves as an index for quick reference.

This is by no means the fastest or best way to wash off the dirt, sand and corrosive seawater from your kayak,
but by sharing a portable pressure spray method, it offers a quick alternative where there is no freshwater supply,
and by the time you drive the kayak home on a car rack,
it will probably be fresh and dry,
ready to be packed into the daffle bag and storage.

Most of all, there is less chance of your car getting corroded areas in the long run.

For the photo and video please click link below:
Please scroll down when you get there ... =4871#4871