Additional deck colors for the Expedition

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Additional deck colors for the Expedition

Post by PotomacPhil » Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:01 pm

I was interested in the Expedition in 2016 when AE changed the color from yellow to blue. I'm not a fan of blue for a kayak color since the water and sky are blue and the boat would seem to just fade into the scenery. A collision here on the Potomac River with high speed boats is a real concern, especially now in the summer.
I bought a AE Sport instead. I love that orange yellow color that really pops with the blue graphics on the water. It doesn't make the power boaters and jet skiers to slow down near me, however! At least they can't say they didn't see me.
The Convertible comes in 3 colors: red, hi-viz green and lt blue. The AF recently came in Green. I hope they could offer additional colors for the Expedition. Maybe a reverse of the current colors of Blue and orange. Orange and blue like the Sport. I'd buy it tomorrow.
What color would other kayakers prefer? If enough ask maybe AE will consider it. Even a limited addition before winter.

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Post by PJohanson » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:07 pm

Colours for visibility? Less of an issue than you'd think.
I've paddled a couple of colours of AE kayaks (orange, yellow, yellow/blue) along with hardshell kayaks that are all colours (red, yellow, blue, hot pink, green, etc) and ALL the colours are VERY hard to see at about 200 or 300 yards (or metres).
The kayaker might be visible because of motion, but might fade into the background for any observer more than about 200 yards away.

My spouse has put big shiny reflective tape circles on our paddles. The deck cord on our boats has a reflective Scotch-brite thread woven in, to reflect light in dim conditions. I keep a shiny Mylar bag from a wine box in my gear, and on foggy days I inflate it and tie it to my deck as a radar reflector.

No matter what colour your kayak is, do NOT expect people in motorboats to see you. Do NOT expect sailboats to be able to avoid you. It is the job of the kayaker to stay the heck out of the way of powered boats and sailboats. They call kayaks "speedboats" for a reason :)

On the plus side, get whatever colour of boat you like best and enjoy it! My friend John thinks red boats scare some wild birds when he's taking photos.

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