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Expeditions Rock and Rule - That Is, Meet All Specs

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:35 am
by lee johnson
My son and I compared our Expeditions and AF 1s on the still, glassy surface of a quiet mountain lake, so that we could "listen" to our kayaks and find out how to make them work to best advantage. To sum up a five-hour paddling session in one sentence: he did not want to trade using his EXP for my AF 1 - the smaller kayak simply could not keep up with the EXP's faster hull speed, thanks, in part, to a better ratio between beam width and overall length - which affects the shape of the bow and stern (the stern, particularly, is slimmer on the Expedition). Also, at 6' 3" he found the extra room in the EXP very easy to take (as do I at 6' 1"). We, of course, use BackBones in both kayaks: with the rigid aluminum forms in the bow and stern, the BackBones complete an internal architecture for the PVC tarpaulin hull and polyester deck that gives AE Advanced Frame kayaks an advantage over all other IKs known to me. Thanks to the growing popularity of kayaking, new models of IKs, in particular, keep appearing, many of them looking like AE copies but at twice the price or more and without the aluminum frame + BackBone. In addition, the problems customers and dealers could encounter with manufacturers whose headquarters are on another continent - and you know why AE is the way to go. Actually, in AE's case, it would not matter where on Earth you are - they would be there for you. Yes, what can one say about AE's customer service? It is exemplary. And, my own knowledge and enjoyment of IKs would not be where it is today were it not for the informed attention AE gives its people. Well, with a 'Fly XC, an AF 1, and an EXP, would anyone like to interest me in a StraitEdge? :!: