My expedition experience (so far)

AE1009-R Ultralite(2006)
AE1009-Y Advanced Frame Expedition(2007-Present)

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My expedition experience (so far)

Post by sparkyboom » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:28 am

Hey all!

Ive been test paddling my new yak over the past few weeks and I gotta first it feels a little bit off, but once you've figured out a couple tricks here and there you can really capitalize on what it has to offer!

One thing though....which is obviously not the kayaks out for broken glass eg. smashed bottles. I recently damaged my foot ( i now have a permanent numb toe ) from stepping on a broken bottle so id hate to see it chew up a yak. Inspect any surface before putting your kayak on it!

Also, the backbone is amazing! worth the extra $....way more rigid in my opinion.

I may also add, if you live in from overseas, I bought mine from and saved HEAPS! sell the expedition for $1550 AUD and thats not including post AND doesn't come with anything apart from the kayak itself!! I emailed them, they didn't seem to really care.

I paid $1049 AUD for the ULTIMATE package and that's including postage and all the goodies :D Still more than you would pay if you live in Europe or the U.S but here is Australia some items are not as easy to get a hold of thus boosting the postage

And while im here, i also have to comment on how easy it is to put back in the bag! I used to skydive and if you've ever packed a would know how hard it can be to wrestle them back into the deployment bag ARRGH!


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