Stolen Kayak?

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Stolen Kayak?

Post by JCOOLEY » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:24 am

Recently, one of our faithful paddlers had their Advanced Frame kayak stolen from atop their houseboat in Chico, CA. She is very upset and distraught by the incident and is trying to find it. I figured I might start a thread for those who have had it happen to them as well so that other faithful paddlers can keep their eyes and ears open.
Advanced Frame
We don't have the Hull ID# but it ends in either 07 or 08.
White nylon rope tied to the bow of the kayak
A two piece paddle was with the kayak. Paddle Color is Black and red.

If anyone comes across this in their travels or buying, please let us know. It has happened to a few others as well that I know of, so please post if it happens to you. In another thread under the Misc. section i had posted a link to a website where people can post their stolen kayaks as well. You can also post found kayaks.
On another note, to help with stolen kayaks, keep a copy of your Hull ID at home so that when you file a report with the police, they can identify the kayak by the number.
For those that have sent in warranty registrations by mail or fax, we should have that info on hand however, those that sent them in by mail, there is a possibility that the mail service may have lost it and we never received it. That is what happened in this case.

Sincerely with a sad heart,


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