How clean algae stain on hull?

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How clean algae stain on hull?

Post by doowopper » Sun Sep 05, 2021 7:28 am

I have the Advanced Frame AE 1044DS-XLC. Recently I kayaked on a lake with lots of algae. After the trip I cleaned the boat with soapy water and a soft brush to remove the algae and most of the algae stain. However, on one area of the hull I was unable to remove the algae stain.
1) How can I remove the remaining algae stain on the hull?
2) If I can't remove the algae stain what are the consequences of leaving the stain on the boat, such as mold developing on the stain, weakened hull, etc.?
2) There are some products available to clean inflatable boats. Which cleaning products are okay to use on the hull and deck of Advanced Elements kayaks, and will they help remove the stain?
3) Besides cleaning products are there other products, such as UV or stain protectants for inflatable kayaks? If so, which ones are okay to use on an Advanced Elements kayak?

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Re: How clean algae stain on hull?

Post by PJohanson » Sat Nov 06, 2021 8:51 pm

I've used AE kayaks for over ten years, and two of my kayaks have a little stain, from tarry dock posts and algae. When my kayaks were new, I sprayed them with 303 UV protectant spray. I sprayed them again after five years.
To clean my kayaks of algae and other muck, I use a wet rag torn from an old bathtowel, and a little hand soap. Very mild soap! Most algae stains come right off the hull and the deck if they're still wet.
If you couldn't get all the algae off before the kayak dried, lay your kayak flat in the sunshine or on the floor indoors, uninflated. Wet a rag or towel with warm water and put it on the stained spot for a while. Cleaning works best when the stained spot is wet and warmed by sunshine or indoor warm air, not cold like a Canadian winter. :) Rub at the wet stain with the rag. Don't try any solvents. I use only a little hand soap, less than when washing my hands & face.
If the stain is still visible on your hull but none of the stain colour shows on the rag, that's okay. You've removed all the loose particles of algae. Your boat has a little stain, which means you're using it out in the wide world. Stains happen.
Let the kayak dry before you fold it up and put it away.
A little stain on my hull or deck has not weakened either of my kayaks at all, and neither has grown moldy. If they're still wet when I take them home, I always put them out to dry, then fold them up & put them away dry and in a sheltered place.

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