Tube Adjustment Instructions

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Tube Adjustment Instructions

Post by rsimpson » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:18 am

I thought a thread specifically for tube adjustments would be helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Post by Timbo » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:48 am

No questions , but here are some of my own experiences in getting it all visually straight.

Try the sitting/paper between the velcro method above first to get everything straight on the inside ,the paper can be held in place quite well with clothes pegs. .
In fact you don`t always have to get in the kayak .Just inflate slightly and then push ,pull or turn the grey inner using your hand in the bow and stern into position , using various seams and buckles as a reference point whilst holding the yak on the outside with your free hand , at one point i felt almost like a midwife getting the baby into the right position... .

Then inflate fully.
First low pressure in chamber 2 and then max in chamber 1 (yes you did read right, reverse order , this advice on inflation order came from a very reliable source), After inflating fully until very firm , check again for correct alignment in all directions and remove the paper whilst still inflated .
I think velcro inside the bow and stern area would reduce this problem caused by the material retreating from its position after deflation ,this seeemed worse when using an electric pump ,so from now on i shall just open the valves and let the air out so the grey nylon inner remains in position in the bow and stern and whilst folding ,any air left inside should help to keep everything in place inside .

The basic problem seems to be the natural tendency for the surface of pvc or vinyl to be quite sticky and grippy , so this does`nt easily pop into place.
You can actually hear the inner rubbing inside the outer cover whilst being inflated ,but who knows ,maybe it will all get easier with a bit of wear.
I did spray some sailkote dry teflon on the ends of the alu frames.
These now slide into position in the bow and stern really easily.

Oh , and just one more tip , when there is a kink in for instance the left
hand side tube , lay the yak on its right side and push down several times
in almost a bouncing motion , this bending inwards , i have discovered , tends pull the opposite side tube straight , seating it into the correct position in the bow.

On a critical note , some things can be just too infinitely adjustable!
There really should be a way of setting the innner and outer cover permanently in position once correctly adjusted.

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