Tracking off to one side

Problems with your kayak? Tracking to one side over the other? Taking on water? Losing Air? Post your questions, suggestions and answers here regarding issues with the kayaks.

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Tracking off to one side

Post by Timbo » Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:00 am

Not sure if i still have this problem as i have not been out in it since
adjusting everything ,letting it deflate then naturally instead
of using either the electric or hand pump , to ensure everything stays
in place .
I shall find out next week when i go out paddling again , by that time
my wifes schoulder should be improving after having to paddle almost
continously on the right side to compensate for the yak wanting to go in that direction.
I posted my experiences getting it (at least visually) straight here ... highlight=

The upper half is all kink free and lined up with varous reference points.
So who knows , although the top tip of the bow does seem to corkscrew
a tiny bit off to one side , this seems more like it came out the factory that way.
Bit like a slightly twisted trouser leg!
The lower part of the hull thats actually in the water looks
really straight , well sort of.
when the alu frames are in dead straight that slight twist or nose droop to one (right) side is more evident , which means that the bow underside is
twisted off lengthwise to left .
We are talking about a 2 cm or so at the very tip , hell , its an inflatable
this should not make any difference .
Check the skeg landing plate misalignment here in the photo as well.
Although the skeg itself is aligned with the bow/stern, the plates are just
fitted wrong.
I ask you ,how is anybody expected to get this all straight !!
(this time without the backbone installed)

I still think or rather hope it was the backbone/floor alignment , shall just have to wait and see .
It does not veer wildly to the right but just seems to continually want to go in that direction.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:49 pm

It appears that the floor is misaligned. It is off to one side which can cause it to veer. Also make sure that when sitting on the floor, the twist valve is on your right side and on top of the floor. If the floor is put in backwards or upside down, it can affect the performance. If the floor is in correctly, just make sure it is centered. If it still continues to veer, take the tube out and inspect it. Inflate the tube while it is in the gray tube cover and check for twisting.

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Post by Timbo » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:41 am

I am also starting to think that it must be the floor not centered , although i am a little
concerned about the skeg and landing/tracking plate not being welded to the floor in a straght line ,
causing one or the other to act as a rudder , just a theory .
The photo above was taken to illustrate only this point and before i had adjusted the inner/outer
, so everything inside the cover is now straight (including the inner chamber within its grey cover ), with
only a very slight drooping of the bow tip to the right (2cm) and consequently the hull to the left this can be just seen on the photo .
This has proven impossible to get straight .

I shall make sure the backbone is perfectly centered over the front plate
and rear skeg , which unlike the crooked front end of the rear landing plate one can
see in the photo , is actually lined up with the bow and stern .
If i then fit the floor exactly straight on top the backbone , then it should
paddle straight ...i hope.

But don`t get me wrong its not all doom and gloom , when its inflated i just can`t stop sneaking off and going
and having a look at it as it`s got to be just about the best looking
inflatable kayak ever ... :D

Other than the thing mentioned i think the materials and build quality are
just top notch , this is why i bought it and they are not cheap here i can tell you!.
I am not planning to buy a string of different models , just this one as
being what it is , convertible should do everything i could possibly want to do with a kayak and last for ages.

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Post by FrankP » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:49 am

I had a right turn tracking issue during my 1st & 2nd time out on the water. When I slowed down during assembly at the boat ramp and made sure everything was set up correctly I have not had any tracking problems since. Saturday & Sunday my wife and I went out and even though it was windy and at times we had headwinds and cross winds we tracked perfectly and made good progress.

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Post by Timbo » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:46 pm

Should have got back to this post earlier .
We have also found an ideal position for the backbone and marked
this on either side and close to the ends ; so now it`s just a lot easier
to setup without the guesswork .
Tracks pretty straight now ,even the seating position is important in this
respect as if you sit to one side the kayak does have a tendency to
veer off , so it is easy to counteract this bij simply shifting over maybe
less than an inch or so .
We love ours too now.

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