Inflation again

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Inflation again

Post by Jerry » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:02 pm

I just bought a Dragonfly and the first inflation had some problems.

1. Someone else had to hold the pump fitting in place while I foot pumped. Pumping with my hand while kneeling also worked, but....
I will try masking tape next time as others have suggested.

2. I could not get air to go through the valve with the plunger up.
I was using the AE foot pump.
I had to pump with the plunger down, and then twist it up after pumping.
I lost very little air so this seemed to work. but...

3. I pumped the stern section rock hard, but the foresection still seemed soft on top. Is this normal or should I have kept pumping?

4. I found that the hose from the pump fit over the twist valves nicely with no attachment. This might help others who had trouble trying to put something inside the valve opening.

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