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Blew a floor bladder...

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:38 am
by Galroc
I kayaked for about an hour yesterday and had fun. This morning I noticed one of the two main floor bladders was deflated.

Initially, I assumed it was the valve, or perhaps a pin hole leak. I checked the bottom of the kayak and didn't see any tears. So, I pumped up the bladder, but I may have gotten 2-3 pulls before the bladder blew.

A tear appeared along the seam between the two bladders, but not the seam itself. I am guessing that the electric welding weakens the material next to the seam. There isn't support in that area as well from surround material, like all the other bladders.

Disappointed that I can't kayak today while on vacation. Disappointed that the floor bladder is on back order until August.

Price for the replacement bladder is very good! I just hope it is made from thicker material.

Thank you got the good service.