disappointed and may return this purchase

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disappointed and may return this purchase

Post by steves » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:44 pm

So far I’m not impressed and have not gotten it on the water as I hoped this weekend.

The main valves have very unclear instructions. Had to go to the Advanced Elements site and scroll through their discussion forums to PIECE together information.

In the “inflateâ€￾ position my electric pump puts nothing in at all.
In the “deflateâ€￾ position my pump will start filling it. I do not, and did not, expect this to “complete the jobâ€￾ and make it taunt but no info at all that an electric pump would necessitate having the valve in the deflate position to put any air at all in.

And when I take it off the air is coming out pretty fast before the valve can be put into the “inflateâ€￾ position, which would keep the air in.

Poor valve choice IMO. Have seen better. Have another brand I bought that I can mostly inflate with an electric and then finish off even blowing it in by mouth and not lose air.

ALSO, the valve caps on these main valves are tethered on with a cheap and too short PVC type of material string. One of those broke off already.

I will try doing this with an Advanced Elements hand pump that I have ordered. I assume that its fittings will not be snug according to what I read on their own discussion forum and will add some tape to it.

If this does not work satisfactory on Monday when I get the pump it will all be sent back.

If it works I will update this.

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Post by Pearly » Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:20 am

Sorry to read you're not too happy.

With the electric pump, the pumps do not have the power to inflate with the valve in the "inflate" position, so you do have to open the valve to the "deflate" position. You are only partially inflating anyway, so if you lose half a stroke of the manual pump by air coming out, it is no big deal.

I don't screw the new adapter onto the valve, I just put 1 wrap of electrical tape onto the correct adapter and it stays in just fine.

If your pump has the screw on adapter, once inflated, you have to push the adapter onto the valve and unscrew - if you don't you will lose air. The new adapter is supposed to make pumping easier, as it pushes the valve to the deflate position when you connect it. I still prefer the taped insert mentioned earlier.

I'm only being lazy by using the electric pump anyway. If I use the Sevylor pump that was sent with the yak, it takes the same amount of time to pump up, just requires more effort! BTW - No way you could blow this yak up to the correct pressure by mouth!!

Once you get this over with, I hope you enjoy your new yak. The best time I have set-up is about 6 minutes - with just the hand pump!!

Good luck,


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Post by steves » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:24 pm

I said I would come back and do some further review.

As stated before there is not good information about the inflation procedure.

I had to order an Advanced Elements pump which had a fitting that works really well for those valves. The same exact pump as another brand except for this one valve. Nothing in the literature about this. It works well but frustrating to have to do this research, trial and error, and some extra expense.

Perhaps sending the valve with my purchase would have helped.

So I finally, 2 days later than I was planning on, got it inflated and on a lake for a trial float.

I found the kayak to work very well for me. Enjoyable on the water. I think it tracked pretty well and was stable. Stable and comfortable. Could lay down and just look at the sky while the wind blew.

The carrying case really is a back injury waiting to happen. I bought a large Rubber Maid container (18 gallon I think) and, after folding it up, put the kayak standing up in the container. This makes it easier to carry and the container protects the vehicle from getting wet. Perhaps for travelers the case would work.

When I got home I decided to disassemble it completely. I figured it would dry better and that sooner or later I would want to take it apart and put it back together again.

A lot of floor space is needed to have it all apart. Really though it was not that difficult to do. I found that the kayak was damp more than I would describe wet.

Then the putting back together stage the next day. I messed around with partly inflating it so it would have some form to it when fitting it back together. To align the rear valve was a little tricky. It has to go through two different layers of fabric. I ended up letting most of the air out to get it so I could line it up.

Then I partly inflated the bottom mattress so it would have some form to it and would position correctly. Just messed with inflating and deflating different things so that it would be lined up correctly when I did the final deflation and folding.

There is some work with this as can be seen. Space is required, not for storing or transporting it, but for maintenance.

I like the size of it while on the water though. I will enjoy using it. But it is not as simple as saying, “It’s an inflatable and easy to useâ€￾. If I had the storage space I would get a rigid one and a car rack.

So all-in-all a 3.5 out of 5 would be my rating. If I knew some of the things before this I would probably have a little better taste in my mouth.

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Post by Pearly » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:38 pm

Hey thanks!

Pleased that you got to grips with it and pleased that you enjoyed using it. I know they require a bit of maintenance - and drying out can be time consuming if the sun isn't out - but I really enjoy the experience of having this yak.

I was lucky that I found this forum before I decided to buy this model, so had read all about the pros & cons - and inflation technique!

Happy paddling,


Freddy P
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Post by Freddy P » Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:38 am

Which model is this that you bought?

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