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2015 Expedition LTD vs. Expedtion vs. AF 2015

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:56 am
by MSenzapaura
Hi All,

I'm looking for advice regarding puchasing my first inflatable kayak after owning a Pungo 100 for a few years. Right now it' a toss up between the three kayaks in the title. Based on the posts I've read, I'm confident the collected wisdom of the forum can point me in the right direction. Here are my stats and info:

I'm 5'9 and arouund 180 Lbs; I'll be using the kayak for daytrips along the coast of Cape Cod with some small stretches of open water and lots of marshes in other areas. Finally, while I'm aware that inflatables don't have as much speed as a hard shell, I would like to make a good effort at keeping up with the other paddlers in my group. My girlfriend and her family all own Tsunami 12.5' kayak.

Comparing the Expedition models, is the more open cockpit necessary for somebody my size? The pressure relief valve in the floor and the hatch seem like nice touches though. I'm sold on the Backbone, but I haven't seen much info about using both it and the Dropstich floor at the same time. I threw the Advanced Frame 2015 LTD in as well since that is the size I've used in the past

Thank you for any and all help; it's really appreciated.

All the best,


Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:57 am

from your description here are the 2 options you will want to go with.

1. AE1009-Y AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak
2. AE1009-LTD AdvancedFrame Expedition Limited Edition Kayak

These would be the most comparable to the Tsunami 12.5' kayaks and give you the best option at pacing with them.
I usually pace about 4-5 mph in the Expedition.
You next decision would be which one you prefer.
I would also add the AE2023-AFX Backbone into it for added speed and tracking.
Because you will be doing daytrips, stay away from the Dropstitch Floor. It is stiff and will numb the bum.
We do not recommend that you do both Backbone and Dropstitch. I know that some people do, but it is overkill.
The Limited Edition is nice because it comes with a pressure release on the floor to help eliminate over inflating. It also has the hatch on the back for easier access to the space under the deck behind the seat.

Hope this helps.

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:47 pm
by MSenzapaura
Thanks JCooley! I'm sold on the Expedition, but the hard part now is justifying the Limited Edition over the Original. As it currently stands, I could pick up the Original and the backbone for the same price as the LTD. I can always save up though.

In your (or the other members') opinion, would missing out on the new features (hatch, d-rings, relief valve, etc) and the open cockpit cause me to enjoy the Expedition any less? Or would having them only add to the experience?

Thanks again,


Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:18 am
by PJohanson
I agree that you'll be happy with either the Expedition or the limited edition.
I'm a very happy user of an Expedition. I often leave the BackBone at home when I'm going on the transit bus, to save weight (I'm not big, eh?)
I feel these kayaks are well worth the money. If you can get the LTD, go for it and save up your pocket change to get the BackBone soon.
There's no worry about enjoying the Expedition any less without the new features. It's a good boat and d-rings aren't hard to add at home.