Convertible or AF2 for solo paddling?

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Convertible or AF2 for solo paddling?

Post by Peds109 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:01 pm

Second year with my Expedition and I still love it. In fact, after seeing me on it so much, one of my friends is very close to coming to the dark side and getting one for himself. However, he's stuck between 2 (maybe 3) models and I told him I'd try to get some feedback from the forum.

He's a good sized guy, probably pushing close to 6 foot and 200 pounds, but an athletic build. In the past, he's paddled more canoes than kayaks - and liked the larger size and openness of them.

Thus, he was torn between the Convertible and the Expedition. The convertible can be open, but is a fairly large boat at 15 feet. The Expedition is more appropriately sized for 1 person at 13 feet, but the enclosed cockpit is less desirable.

Low and behold, (they are great by the way), still has the 13 foot Advanced Frame 2 tandem model. It can, with a cheap seat part, convert to a solo kayak. As far as I understand, it's essentially the Expedition, but more open to allow for 2 people if desired. If solo, it's just a very open version of the expedition.

He'd also like to fish occasionally and the rod holder piece in the AF2 is a nice extra, but not a deal breaker. Lastly, we mostly paddle flatwater (namely quiet New England lakes) - but we do take a couple of multi-day trips down slower moving rivers (ie CT River, Delaware river)… so space and weight capacity are vital for these trips.

So my question is - Convertible or AdvancedFrame 2 for a solo paddler? He hasn't ruled out the Expedition entirely either, but I'm thinking the AF2 is a great hybrid of the convertible and the Expedition - am I wrong in that?

And just out of curiosity, why did the AF2 stop getting produced? I don't see it on the site, but it's obviously available on AirKayaks. Thanks to all who post and happy paddling!

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Post by PJohanson » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:30 pm

I'm a big fan of the Expedition as it is much lighter and easier to carry than the Convertible.
My friends who are the size of your friend are comfortable in my Expedition. One, who felt the cockpit opening was a little smaller than he preferred, practised doing a few wet exits and then was satisfied he could get out when he flipped.

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