Short review on the Air Fusion

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Tee Loo
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Short review on the Air Fusion

Post by Tee Loo » Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:46 pm

Just a few comments on the FUS.

Today I took out my FUS out for the first time this year. Winter is over! ;-)
I must say I was rusty in setting up the kayak, but eventually was happy with the results. Inflating remains the easiest part using the double action pump with pressure gauge.

Wonderful day for a start in the new season (I haven't tried winter kayaking, but I might next winter).
I really like the Air Fusion and I am VERY happy, that AE came up with a SKEG... hurray!!

The FUS does veer off to either side when gliding and slowing down. This is an annoying characteristic of the FUS. When it's windy, this is even worse. So a skeg is very welcome.

There are a few things I am going to work on, which I think could be improved if AE ever decides to come up with a version 2.0 of the FUS. ;-)

First the zippers.
In general the zipper are fine, but when waves become high enough to crash over the deck, the zippers need water proofing.
It looks like the stitches of the zippers are not 100% waterproof either but I am going to test that and report back. [edit: they are not.]
The easiest way to fix this potential problem is: duct tape. Wonderful stuff and good for the occasional rough water action in cold waters. Regular duct tape is wide enough to cover the stitches as well. Con: tape residue might become a problem. [edit: when using AE2019 UV Techâ„¢ duct tape no longer sticks.!]

Secondly sprayskirt and inflatable coaming:
I think it's wonderful that the FUS has a coaming and it's actually very usable. If well inflated it works great when you really tug the skirt well under de rim (the manual warns for overinflation, but you need good pressure to make it work).
However what's not so good, is the fact that the inflation tube of the coaming is on the backside AND outside. Getting the sprayskirt on while sitting in the kayak is really difficult when working behind your back and blindly trying to get the rear part well wrapped around with an inflation tube in the way. It's even worse with the spray skirt and the tension knot right at the same spot! Oh and the rear deck bungee happens to be close by too.
One big hassle with no sight on it.
I am going to alter the tube. I am planning to rotate the inner tube of the coaming, so that the tube goes to the inside. Since there is room between the seat backrest and the coaming, there is plenty of space. This gives the FUS a clear back coaming.
Also, I am going to alter the spray skirt so that the elastic cord is knotted at the front just under de quick release handle (yellow band with white plastic tube). It's easy to cut a whole there and shift the two ends of the elastic cord to the front.
This way the backside is clean and easy to fumble with behind your back.

When I am done with this I will post pictures. Maybe AE can think about it too.
Really, if the coaming and sprayskirt are well installed, it works like a charm. And since I kayak in colder waters, it's really nice to have.

Needles to say, since I am posting this here and take effort to perfectionism the FUS, it means I really like the FUS. It's an awesome design that only needs little tweaking.
With the new skeg I am going to be a very happy kayaker!

Thanks for reading
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Tee Loo
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Post by Tee Loo » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:11 am

Check out my zipper solution.
Zipper stitches are not waterproof. The tape covers them too, so no problem there. ... php?t=1269

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