AirFusion Tip: Lining Up the Thwarts

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AirFusion Tip: Lining Up the Thwarts

Post by lee johnson » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:30 am

The front thwart serves as a footrest, and the larger rear thwart has a lot to do with the final shape of the FUS. But - they must be positioned right. Here's how to ensure they are just the way you want them: partially inflate each thwart when lining it up with the high-pressure inflation chambers on the sides and also with the floor of the hull - two or three pumps from a double-action pump should do it. After all, the manual instructs us to inflate the high-pressure side chambers partially (about five pumps) until topping them off at the end. Now, apply that good advice to the thwarts before topping them off and then topping off the chambers. When partially inflating the chambers and the thwarts, save time by simply inserting the 3/4" nozzle into the Boston valves without using that screw-on adaptor that comes with many pumps (I do not even use the screw-on adaptor when topping off, which makes assembly of the kayak fast and easy).

I have found that having the thwarts lined up right is a major key to the kayak's performance, especially having the bottom of the thwarts flush with the floor of the hull. When that happens, the AirFusion's performance is almost magical: excellent hull speed, very good tracking and gliding, and terrific maneuverability. What an amazing balance of contrasting forces (because kayaks that track well usually don't maneuver well, and vice versa). This is a main reason for the fun-factor of this kayak, especially for those who know how to handle a paddle. Even if the FUS is your first kayak, it will make you into a versatile paddler in a hurry, the same way driving a sports or rally car will teach you things you never knew were possible when you were plodding around in your sedan.

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