best rugged lightweight pump

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best rugged lightweight pump

Post by silverdarling » Thu May 10, 2012 2:54 pm

hi, i'm looking for the best quality/compatibility rugged foot pump for advanced elements kayak.

pumps seems to be one thing that AE don't do so well. I have the hand pump which works ok, (but after a couple of years the gauge has gone) , but it's heavy and big and i'm not sure about reliability on the hose.

it typically gets carried like this Image

i don't own a car, and AEkayak travels on public transport before getting packed in to the water so lightweight and small is good. i also like multi-day trips away from the shipping lanes so something strong is needed if i want to get home again ...

so i want a footpump, ideally something that's packable, rugged, reliable and lightweight but i guess there's a trade off on those features.

Seems the options are --
Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump
amazon with reviews
the reviews are not encouraging and i bought a sevlar footpump before which looks very similar and i do not trust

Bravo 1 or 2 foot pump 6 ltr
Waterstrider $25 - $40
A bit heavy at 4lbs, lighter/smaller would be better. how will the nozzle fit AE valves?

K-Pump model K-100S Mini and K-Pump model K200
waterstrider $60
The mini looks ideal but how can it be rigged so there's a good fit between nozzle and AE valves ? anyone have any experience with it? mini version might be fragile though?

if anyone's got any experience with above i'd be grateful for your thoughts and thanks to folks for contributions to thread Smaller alternative for air pump? , thought i'd bump this one up


Arthur Blue
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Emergency pump

Post by Arthur Blue » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:12 am

The supplied double-action hand pump works very well but is a bit bulky to
carry in the boat. There is a small yellow bellows pump marketed under "Highlander" and other names which is cheap and compact and quite capable of use for topping up or emergency inflation. I had wondered if there would be a connection problem but it turns out that the supplied Highlander connection can be inserted into the main valves of the AF, and over the twist-lock ones, using care not to force things and perhaps a turn of tape if a little slack. It will go into the DS Floor adapter too, and get the floor reasonably taut.

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Post by PJohanson » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:31 pm

This is the pump that I've used for seven years. It's big, but it's dependable, and tucks easily into the Lagoon's bag. I bought a second one (because I have three inflatables) and the old one is still working terrific. It can inflate or deflate, and works well with all the valves on AE kayaks! ... B00005017X

This is another link to a good pump sold at Canadian Tire stores: ... eviews.htm

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