Hi and question -- getting fishbone in duffel bag

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Hi and question -- getting fishbone in duffel bag

Post by venturi1962 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:28 am

Hi, just received my Fishbone EX 12' 6" and really looking forward to getting it on water other than my swimming pool. So far really happy with the board set-up process and it seems it will be a board I can enjoy for years to come.

My question/issue -- with the rigid nose piece, it's extremely, really much too, difficult to get the deflated board in the bag. I roll up according to directions, which are ambiguous because they only say "roll the board up". Not which end to start with, not if you should fold around the fixed fins. Looked for demo video on youtube. Nada. After some frustrating experimentation punctuated with a few expletives, I arrived at starting with the stern end and rolling continuously. This properly deflates the board and leaves me with the smallest diameter in order to, just barely, fit into the bag. And only after cranking as hard as I can on the provided cinch strap.

Next was to fiddle with how to orient the deflated rolled board inside the bag to get the zipper to close. Again, after much frustrating experimentation, I arrived at an orientation that, just barely, with great strain on the zipper, I was able to get the properly deflated board inside the duffel and the zipper just barely closed with such strain that will, in short order, rip out the seam and stitching holding the zipper closed. I give it maybe a dozen more attempts if nothing changes.

Why I'm perhaps over-emphasizing how difficult this was is to hammer home the point: the bag is too small for this board. It's a good bag. I love the shoulder straps and hip belt. Great! So, what would really satisfy me as someone who just invested more than $1,200 all in for board and paddle, tax and shipping, $900+ of which was on your product, is for you to either send me a bag in which the board fits much more readily, or credit me $150 so I can buy a bag also with shoulder straps and hip belt, in which the board will fit.

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Re: Hi and question -- getting fishbone in duffel bag

Post by rlpugh1 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:29 pm

Hey venturi1962,

Just shot you an email so keep an eye out but I thought I'd get back to you here as well.
Sorry to read about your challenges in getting the Fishbone EX back in the duffel. We have since created a folding guide specific to that model which should help you get the board in to the bag with room to spare. I cannot place it here on the forum but attached it to the email that I sent you. If you have any issues with the guide, or do not get the email that I sent, please feel free to reach out to AE Customer Service at info@advancedelements.com.


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Re: Hi and question -- getting fishbone in duffel bag

Post by PJohanson » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:46 pm

Hi venturi

In my opinion, these bags are generally just big enough. The videos are a big help for confirming how one is supposed to get these bulky items into their bags. Practise does help :)
On a cold day, it might be harder to get a kayak or paddleboard folded small enough to get it in the bag easily. When that happens, I fold it loosely, take it home, bring it indoors to warm up. Then it usually folds up more neatly.
While AE bags are generally big enough, the person in the videos is usually male. Upper body strength makes it easier to hold the bag open with one hand and stuff the kayak or paddleboard inside with the other. I'm a small female. Sometimes a friend holds the bag open for me.
If I were re-designing these bags, I'd use a longer zipper (or maybe velcro) so the bag opens like a clamshell and lays completely open.

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