Hello from Vancouver, Canada

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Hello from Vancouver, Canada

Post by ceegatch » Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:37 pm

Hello! Wow...AE has been around for some time! I'm wondering if anyone has added accessories to their AE1007 model. Since 2018, I've purchased the DS floor and deck conversion. There are other items I'm interested in: dolly or cart, sail, foot pegs, rudder, cup and rod holder for my spinning reel.

First and foremost, the dolly cart. I've been Googling the "best carts for 2020" even reviewing 2019's list. So far, C-Tug with SandTrakz Wheels tops the list but very expensive (CAD$280 plus taxes 7 shipping via Amazon). Could anyone provide their latest review on this dolly? I'm willing to invest on this if it will alleviate lower back pain.

Secondly, a rod holder for my spinning reel. Could anyone share a picture of their set up and a list of items required to put it altogether?

Lastly, the foot pegs. Generally, I ride in the front. Could anyone share a picture of where there food pegs are located for tandem and solo? Thank you and I look forward to your replies!

Photo was from Hayward Lake, BC taken just yesterday.

Hydro Electric facility resized.jpg
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Re: Hello from Vancouver, Canada

Post by JCOOLEY » Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:06 am

Kayak Dolly - Advanced Elements Model AE3010
Foot Pegs - Advanced Elements Model AE4003
Rod holder setup (accessory frame mounts 1" Scotty Rod mounts) - Advanced Elements Model AE2042

All os these can be found in the accessories section on the Advanced Elements Website.


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Re: Hello from Vancouver, Canada

Post by RickInPhoenix » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:57 pm


I have only been in Vancouver once but plan to return!

I have made a few additions to my AirVolution solo:

* cart: https://rick.sparber.org/KayakCart.pdf
* foot pegs: https://rick.sparber.org/TipsAndTricks.pdf page 6
* modified seat: https://rick.sparber.org/AirVolutionSeatFix.pdf

Maybe you can glean something useful from these articles.

Phoenix, Arizona

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