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Packable Pump

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:08 pm
by NaturalPath
Now that the calendar says spring, even though the weather is still saying winter, I've started to think about paddling again. Soon, I will be ordering my Packlite, and I'm going to need a pump to compliment this packable raft/kayak. I definitely won't be using the pump that I use for my AdvancedFrame kayak, which is the big yellow, double action, pump. It would only defeat the purpose of the Packlite being compact and easy to carry.

I've looked at a lot of pumps and, after considering all kinds, I've come up with, what I feel is a happy medium. I definitely prefer a pump that I can use with my arms, rather than a foot-type pump, and I know that there was mention of AE coming up with an air-bag type inflation device. However, I'm not too keen on the air-bag inflation devices, such as the one that the Alpacka rafts use.

I decided on a smaller pump made by Intex, and I picked up this one on ebay from England at a total cost of around $20.CAD


One has to consider, not only packable size, but pump volume. Although I don't mind the extra inflation time, it does have to be reasonable. This one, like the big one, is also double action.


Here's how the two pumps compare. The big pump is about 15" tall, and about 8 1/2" at it's widest point. The Intex pump is about 11 1/2" tall, and about 4 1/4" at it's widest point.


From above, the size difference is even more apparent. I can see myself stashing this smaller pump into my backpack, along with the Packlite, paddle, and life vest, all things that I will need, if I'm going to pack this boat into remote locations.

To me, this is an acceptable compromise that I can live with. I never used to take that big yellow pump with me in my AdvancedFrame, but I will be able to take the smaller Intex pump along from now on. I will still use the bigger pump to inflate the AdvanceFrame initially though, because the job will go much faster.

I won't really know how much longer the inflation time will be, until I actually have my Packlite, but I'm thinking that it will be acceptable, taking into consideration the pumps pack-ability.

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:49 am
by PJohanson
Excellent comparison!
I've used pumps much like these -- a Doublequick II big pump like your yellow one, and an un-branded one like your Doublequick I but smaller.
It was surprising how quickly my Expedition filled up even using the smaller pump. I found that the smaller pump was usuable not only between my hands; by putting a foot in the stirrup-shaped handle I could pump it one-handed.

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:51 am
by NaturalPath
Thanks for the feedback PJ. It's good to hear that someone has had some experience with this type of pump. It does look to be a decent pump, although when I opened it up, I found that it was dry inside, no lube, so I put some vaseline in it, and it pumps much better now.

I'm really itching to get back out there paddling, but we had a real nasty winter here in Northern Ontario, so it might be a little while until that two feet of ice on the lakes melts. :?

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:00 pm
by MissMelodie
My sister and her hubby go to yard sales a LOT. They found the Intex Doublequick II for me for 3 dollars a month ago (smaller one). Perfect for size for putting in with my safety gear bag on the kayak. Then not an hour ago, they found an Intex doubleaction III highoutput (that inflates and deflates) for me at another yard sale for 3 dollars!
Needless to say, I am one happy girl :D I will keep the D3 in the car to do the initial pump up and the D2 in my gear bag. You would be quite surprised at how fast the D2 will pump an Advanced Frame up, apx. 10 min or so.

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:43 pm
by NaturalPath
Sounds like you're all set for the water MissMelodie!

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:07 pm
by MissMelodie
You betcha NaturalPath, now only if the weather would get better :(