Well-Made Bags

Advanced Elements new line of bags.
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Well-Made Bags

Post by PJohanson » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:48 pm

Took a moment this winter to check through my WaterTech bags, and must confirm that they are well-made. The drybags are still dry! The deckbag is still strong after being used, the CargoPak has not worn any holes or leaks, and the Funk Bag still looks like new.
I use the CargoPak and Funk Bags for travel luggage. They're a great alternative to rolling suitcases. A particular good point for me is that these bags are both big enough to carry what I need yet not huge like a hockey duffel bag that would be too heavy for me as a small&strong person.
All of these bags wipe clean with a damp cloth. All of them work even after exposure to salt water -- I've been reeeeeeeeaaaallllllyy careful about the Funk Bag's zipper and it's still in great shape. I still get questions from strangers asking, "Where'd you get that new bag?"
Anyone wondering if these bags are worth the price can be confident these bags are tough, lasting, and have great straps. I recommend them to friends all the time, and I use them for sports and travel.

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