3 hours in English Bay: the backbone helps

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3 hours in English Bay: the backbone helps

Post by SittingDuck » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:42 pm

But definitely wear sunscreen, lol.

As I'm typing this, I still feel the rocking motion of the waves.

I bought the backbone before going out today, and I have to say it is a must.
The boat doesn't flex over waves, and the paddling energy goes to pushing it forward instead of bending it in half.

Installing the floor is a bit of a mess though.

The floor gets pinched between the backbone and the main bladders; is that normal/right?

Also, I had partially inflated the main bladders to install the backbone, as it was easier to get it centered that way, but the floor didn't fit too well. The boat sat at an angle on the water (the right side was higher), but it tracked straight, so we kept going.

When I took the baot out of the water and turned it around, while the backbone was definitely centered, the boat was wider on one side. Weird...

I think next time I'll install the backbone and inflate the floor first, and then the main bladders.

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Post by sonar » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:55 pm

Yes for some reason i dont know the floor does get tucked up a little where the ends of the backbone fit.
A quick look through the backbone section mentions this is the case.

I made my own backbone and do not have to do something like this to the floor. My floor lays flat all the way.

The side tubes to me again sound like they have to be ajusted.

The very first time i inflated mine it
was a case of part inflating the sides then pushing and pulling the sides by sitting the kayak on one side then bouncing on it and then the other side untill it looked right.
Then inflated it fully.

I have only had to level the tubes off once and now everytime is perfect.

Again there are a few posts on the forum about ajusting the tubes.

As for the floor i allways fit the floor last then half inflate it in position push it under the tubes and continue to inflate.
when doing it this way you will be able to both see and feel that the floor is in the right position.

Yours sounds to me like the floor may have been under one side tube but pushing the other side. Hence it would look like one side was wider.

These are great inflatables I should know as I have had a few other makes of both Kayaks and Canoes and these are in my opinion only the best.

Try and inflate the Kayak again at home and see if your able to ajust it once done it should be o.k.

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