First time out with the BB

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First time out with the BB

Post by spikeithard » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:48 pm

Finally got around to putting out the expedition with the BB in.
First half of the voyage tonight I left it out. Then near the end I took it on shore and installed it.
Took me a while to figure it out! couldnt seem to connect the pieces because of huge amounts of overlap then I realized i needed to deflate 1 and 2 a bit to get the BB in further towards the ends... popped right into place.

Put the floor back in and out on the water I go. The speed was amazingly different with it in!! twice as fast it seemed!
Only problem is I must have put it in slightly crooked because I kept sliding off the the right :(

Got it back to shore and sure enough the stern end was angled slightly to the left. Got to make sure to check fully before installing floor again

And the other issue was it was not that comfortable! I really felt the bar under the 1 PSI floor. Would not be able to go more than 15-20 min with it like that. Should I get a secondary small inflatable seat cushion to go over the regular (non inflatable) AE seat?
Any help with this issue would be great


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