Lumbar seat?

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Lumbar seat?

Post by ztbishop » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:11 am

Anybody try this in an advanced frame 10.5?
-Does just the back pump up, or does the butt also pump/raise higher than the stock seat?
-Does the back support raise any HIGHER up the back than the stock seat?
-Would this be necessary to help your tailbone if you order the backbone?

I'm using the stock seat now, and it's fine, but not for extended trips. I'd like something with more support. I was considering buying a stadium fold-up seat! But if the AE lumbar makes a huge difference, i'd like to avoid a bulky stadium seat.
Thanks for any advice!

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Post by Daddy-O » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:40 am

I did some checking into this also. We have only been on a couple of paddles with our AF kayaks, but they were fairly long paddles (for us anyway). I agree about the comfort of the stock seat. One thing that I discovered that greatly helps is to make sure you can push against something with your feet. That way, you are pushing yourself back into your seat. It really makes a world of difference on the comfort level. You might want to put a dry bag in front of your feet that you can use to push against.

From one of the videos I have seen (from I think), only the back of the lumbar seat inflates. The back is the same height as the stock seat. I do not own the lumbar seat, but am just repeating what I have seen and been told. I was told that it does help your lower back (because of the lumbar support).

I have paddled my Convertible with the backbone both with and without an extra cushion under my seat. I like the cushion, but don't think it is necessary. I have ordered a different high back seat for myself. I just want the added support higher up on my back. I will report back here (well, probably in my "newbies" thread) about how it works out for me. Personally, I think I am going to love the high back seat, but time will tell.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:58 pm

Daddy-O is correct. The Lumbar is about the same height as the stock seat and only the lower back area inflates. This gives a lot more support to your Lumbar area. It definately does help to push back into yuor seat. A lot of people experience difficulty because they lay back in the seat instead of pushing back into it. If you lay back in the seat, it causes the back portion to be pushed down not giving you any support higher up. It also causes the bottom to slid forward. In all, it creates a much more awkward position and discomfort for longer trips.


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