Cadboro Bay

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Cadboro Bay

Post by PJohanson » Fri Jun 01, 2007 6:09 pm

I've been taking the Dragonfly into Cadboro Bay, Victoria, BC in Canada for a year now.
This is a large, sheltered bay very popular with kayakers and small sailboats.
When out alone I stick close to shore, and have become very familiar with every rock and cove.
When my friends are with me I'm willing to take the Dragonfly into the middle of the bay 1/2 mile from shore. We have practised wet exits and recoveries in lakes, so I'm confident that I'll be able to get back in even if I flip. This practice proved that even when the boat is full of water and I crawl in, it still floats! Then I bail and pump. I have never flipped the boat except on purpose, even though I have an inner ear problem that means I have no sense of balance. This boat makes me feel relaxed and confident on calm and rippled water. I don't launch when the chop is more than a foot, with whitecaps. Better to be safe, eh?
There are strong currents just outside Cadboro Bay, so I stay out of them when alone. With friends, though, I'm not too worried. This little boat handles well and I'm looking forward to practising in surf on the sandy beach.
The Dragonfly is no substitute for a touring kayak, but it's a great choice for a little recreational kayak for noodling around near shore. I've watched seals pass under my boat, and found sea anemones where I thought there weren't any! Even bumping barnacles hasn't caused problems, just the lightest of scratches barely visible on the hull.

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