A message to our customers about COVID-19 and product availability

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people have continued to discover that getting on the water is a great way to get outside while social distancing. As a result, we have continued to see a tremendous surge in demand for our products. Additionally, the pandemic has caused worldwide disruptions in the supply chain, shipping, etc. We are very fortunate and thankful to have this demand and are doing our very best to help folks get on the water!

Our factory is churning out kayaks and SUPs night and day while at the same time remaining mindful of the fact that we need to produce and deliver boats safely. We are producing kayaks as fast as we safely can and shipping kayaks to dealers as soon as they’re available. We nevertheless have a wait time for new orders, and our phone lines have seen an influx of calls.

If you are searching for a particular model, you may not find it immediately. Please feel free to contact us at 866-262-9076 (8-5 PST M-F) or via email at [email protected] and our customer service team can inform you of lead times and provide insight on what is coming down the pipeline. Please note that we are working diligently to answer your questions, but our response time may be longer than typical due to the volume of contacts we are receiving.

Another continuing trend that we have observed is certain unscrupulous folks taking advantage of the shortages in paddlesports by selling product at exorbitant prices. Please note that we do not sell direct, only through certified retailers, and do our best to keep our pricing in-line and fair for both the Retailer and Consumer. Please visit our Dealer Locator to find a certified dealer near you. If you find a seller with unreasonably high prices for our product/s, you should be aware that the seller may not be an authorized AE Dealer. Please feel free to notify us of this issue and we will investigate as we do not condone any distasteful business practices.

We will continue to work non-stop to get you out on the water as soon as possible and we wish you all the best and good health through these trying times.

The Advanced Elements Team