Length 10’ |
Width 32" |
Product Weight 28 LBS. (12.7 KG) |
Max Weight 200 LBS. (90.7 KG)
A great, well balanced yoga board!
Length: 10′ Width: 32″
Product Weight: 28 lbs.
Max Capacity: 200 lbs.

Best for: Touring/Yoga and Fitness
Slow Moving Rivers (Class I-II)

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  • Inflatable Kayak LOTUS YSUP™: AE1062
  • Inflatable Kayak LOTUS YSUP™: AE1062
  • Inflatable Kayak LOTUS YSUP™: AE1062
  • Inflatable Kayak LOTUS YSUP™: AE1062

The Lotus YSUP™ Inflatable SUP is 10 feet long, 32 inches wide, and utilizes 6 inch thick drop-stitch material making it perfectly sized for a stable ride and a balanced yoga session. The Lotus YSUP™ features a convenient removable shoulder carry strap which eliminates the need for a bulky carry handle in the middle of the board. This provides a clear deck surface and a nearly full-length traction pad for maximum comfort. The Lotus YSUP™ is simple, light, and compact; perfect for travel anywhere!


  • MODEL AE1062-G
  • LENGTH 10’
  • WIDTH 32”
  • WEIGHT 28 LBS. (12.7 KG)
  • PERSON/S 1
  • MAX. WEIGHT 200 LBS. (90.7 KG)
  • FOLDED SIZE 13.25” X 11.75” X 36”

Performance Details

  • High pressure 6” thick drop-stitch material allows for ultra stiff performance.
  • Extra wide for increased stability.
  • Large traction foam area for improved grip and comfort.
  • Double layer outer skin for superior durability.
  • Durable Dual-Stage Hand Pump with Gauge for high-pressure inflation.
  • Detachable shoulder carry strap for easy transport.
  • Duffel Bag w/ Shoulder Straps.

Accessories Incl.

  • Dual-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge
  • Backpack Travel Bag
  • Adjustable SUP Paddle
  • Coiled SUP Leash
  • Shoulder Carry Strap
  • Repair Kit
  • 3 Tracking Fins

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