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Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories.
Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories

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Paddle sports can be very dangerous and physically demanding. The user of this product should understand that participation in paddle sports may involve serious injury or death. Observe the following safety standards whenever using this product. The user of this product acknowledges both an understanding and an assumption of the risk involved in paddle sports.

After you have inflated your kayak and before you put it in the water, inspect your equipment for obvious signs of wear or failure. Review local rules and regulations and read again the “CAUTION” statement. Most areas have local laws and regulations about the use and equipment of small boats.

Usually a phone call to the local authorities will provide you with the needed information. Some areas may require that you register and display a registration number on the front of your kayak. Once you have been issued a number, it is best to affix it to the kayak by printing it on the material with a permanent ink marker. If you are required to display a sticker or vinyl letters, an inflatable boat ID kit can be purchased at most marine stores.

Your kayak is designed to be paddled with a double bladed kayak paddle. Paddle with short and even strokes. Keep the blade close to the kayak and the paddle almost vertical. Pull with your lower hand and push with your upper hand. To reduce the amount of swaying at the front of the kayak, ease off on the force of your stroke. Paddling with a backward stroke can sometimes offer quick maneuverability.

Always practice safety and take the time to learn about the area where you are paddling. Get official information about the local tides and currents before paddling there. Be careful that you do not over estimate your strength, your endurance or your skill. Be careful never to under estimate weather conditions. Be aware of the dangers before you begin. Be aware of your skill level. Be sure you understand and accept the risk of these dangers. There are many paddling clubs all over the world. These can be a great source of information on places to paddle, people to paddle with and most importantly, continued safety practices.

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