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Storing for the winter

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:51 am    Post subject: Storing for the winter Reply with quote

May be it's too late, but just now I realized that my beloved Adv Frame Conv lies folded in the bag in my basement for fifth month in a row. At the same time I have enough space in my basement to keep it unfolded and may be slightly inflated? What is the best decision?
Folks, what is you experience and suggestions?

There is something about this I found in old topic
(I read it as a poem!):
PJohanson wrote:
Well, I've had my Dragonfly for two years now. It spends most of the time 90% inflated in the porch. I take it out a couple times a week, pump a few strokes to fill it up, then carry it a few hundred yards to the beach.
It was a nice spring day yesterday, and after paddling I decided to let out all the air, not just a bit like I usually do to protect it in case the next day is unusually warm.
When I thought about it, I realized the boat had been inflated for... ooo, about ten months. And damp for much of that time, as a bit of rain falls on it in the porch. And sunshine for an hour or two in the morning.
So I did a thorough spring cleaning of my Dragonfly, putting it in the sunshine to dry for an hour, then taking the inner boat out of the outer hull and wiping everything dry with a towel. Got all the sand out of the floor.
The boat looks GREAT.
The colour is very slightly fading. Where the hull used to lean against a bike rack that had a rust spot, there's a rust stain the size of a dime. (I don't care.)
The bottom of the outer hull has some faint scratches, barely deep enough to catch my fingernails, from running over a couple of barnacled rocks. The skeg takes most of the beating at moments like that.
There are no wear marks on the inner boat anywhere. The "new plastic" smell went away a year ago.
There was a very little pink scum on part of the outside of the inner boat, that wiped right off with no staining. (I work part-time as a janitor in University dormitories -- I know pink scum, and this was no problem at all.)
This Dragonfly has been used on over 130 outings, according to my notebooks, mostly salt water. Even the zipper on the pocket still zips! The only thing that is not in perfect working order is the thin plastic leash that holds the cap for the main inflation chamber. It broke, so now my cap is no longer attached. Big deal.
What a great boat.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Boris, my suggestion is to take it out of the bag and leave it unfolded for at least a week or two. Just keep in mind that a friendly spider may find it, and remember to check for a tiny passenger before folding the boat up later.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Either or is fine. Because I have access to the kayaks on a daily basis at work, my kayak at home stays deflated in the bag for long periods of time. Right now it is going on seven months. When I pull it out, it will still be in great shape and won't have any problems. If you choose to leave it out inflated, make sure that your basement is free of rodents and as Paula mentioned, check for spiders. Not to say either can't get into the bag when deflated but just keep an eye out.

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