The Evolution of Inflatable Kayaks

BackBone® and RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floors

“Give your kayak the strength of a spine”
While each of our kayaks are designed for the best in performance, we’ve found that there are those who seek even higher performance. For paddlers looking to up the ante in the AdvancedFrame® line, as well as our Lagoon 2™ Kayak, we offer our patented BackBone® accessory or our rigid high-pressure RigidForm™ floors that utilize Drop-stitch technology. While each accessory offers their own advantages, both work to further enhance the rigidity and tracking performance of each AdvancedFrame® kayak as well as the Lagoon 2™. Continue reading below to learn which is the best choice for you.

For use with the: AdvancedFrame®, AdvancedFrame® Expedition, AdvancedFrame® Convertible, Lagoon 2™, FireFly™ 2, And West Marine Scamper 2


AdvancedFrame® Convertible

AdvancedFrame® Sport

AdvancedFrame® Expedition

Lagoon 2™/FireFly™ 2/Scamper 2

The BackBone®

Inflatable Kayak

How It Works: The BackBone® is a multi-sectional keel beam that you assemble and install under the inflatable floor inside of your kayak each time that you set it up. Once you sit inside of the kayak, your body weight presses the BackBone® downward, creating a V-shaped hull which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed of the kayak.

Why Choose It: The BackBone® provides the best in tracking enhancement and the price conscious will notice that the BackBone® is considerably less expensive vs. the Drop-stitch floor.

Inflatable Kayak

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The RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floor

Inflatable Kayak

How It Works: As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. Once a drop-stitch floor is placed within the kayak, it creates a hull with chine, which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed.

Why Choose It: The Drop-stitch floor provides the best in rigidity and stability and, once you install it, it stays put. There is no need to remove or re-install it with each setup and breakdown of the kayak. Additionally, if you are paddling a lot of shallow waters with hidden “surprises” beneath the water’s surface or, if you’ll be landing in heavy surf, the Drop-stitch floor is the way to go.

Inflatable Kayak

Model Information

BackBone® Model #AE2023-AF1
(sized for the AdvancedFrame®)
Length 79.5″
Drop-Stitch Floor Model #AE-DS1012

BackBone® Model #AE2023-AFC
(sized for the AdvancedFrame® Convertible)
Length 126.5″
Drop-Stitch Floor Model #AE-DS1007

BackBone® Model #AE2023-AF1
(sized for the AdvancedFrame® Sport)
Length 79.5″
Drop-Stitch Floor Model #AE-DS1012

BackBone® Model #AE2023-AFX
(sized for the AdvancedFrame® Expedition)
Length 114.5″
Drop-Stitch Floor Model #AE-DS1009

BackBone® Model #AE2023-DF2
(Lagoon 2™/FireFly™ 2/Scamper 2)
Length 109.5″
Drop-Stitch Floor Model #AE-DS1009
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